How to pick Gold Coast tattoo artists that share your vision

Deciding to be tattooed on the Gold Coast means knowing how to pick out Gold Coast tattoo artists that share your vision. However, it can be a tricky situation to find the right tattoo artist if you have no idea where to start.

Choosing the best artist to do your tattoo should not be an impulsive and light decision. The permanency of a tattoo can either be a happy or regrettable reminder.

Complete confidence in the abilities of a chosen tattoo artist should be seriously considered before getting started. The factors to consider when choosing a tattoo artist include:

Referrals from either online reviews or word of mouth

Asking around from family and friends that have been inked is usually the recommended first step in your search for a good tattoo artist. Their good experience with a tattoo artist provides you a good way to get in touch with him/her.

Checking out the longevity of the tattoos of a friend or family should also be done before you commit. While tattoos are permanent, they also fade over time. The tattoo artist is not worth considering if the tattoo of a friend looks particularly faded or poorly done.

Online reviews can also provide good insights into the tattoo artist’s work. Following an artist you’re interested in on social media platforms such as Facebook allows you to read reviews and comments from others that have been tattooed by him/her.

Check out previous work of the artist

Take time to pay a visit to a tattoo artist you’re interested in. Ask previous work, or images, or portfolios from the artist. The things to watch out for while perusing an artist’s work portfolio include:

  • Shading and colour of his/her work. Colours should be consistent and smooth and an artist that shows proper colour gradients is a good one.
  • Smooth, solid, and strong lines that look like it has been done in a single stroke.
  • Trust your gut feeling. Do you feel good and confident as you’re looking through the work portfolio of the artist? Would you like his/her work to become a permanent fixture on your body?

Ask for awards

The popularity of tattoos has made it a competitive field. It means that awarding gifted artists is annually up for grabs. A tattoo artist that has gained an award or two indicates his/her popularity and skill level.

However, multi-awarded tattoo artists are often booked for months. Your patience in waiting for your appointment will be richly rewarded with a tattoo that you can happily display for years to come.

Clean and sanitary

Seedy tattoo shops are things of the past. Serious medical conditions such as blood poisoning, Hepatitis A, and a myriad of infections have made the tattoo industry instil hygienic standards.

Things to look closely at when you walk into a tattoo studio include:

  • A clean shop that wipes down everything after every tattoo procedure
  • Artists wear gloves while on a job
  • Plastic covers on the beds and chairs are stripped and changed after every procedure
  • Use sterile and sealed needles
  • Clean and organised work stations

It’s not easy to find the perfect tattoo artist for your vision. However, taking time to travel and research the various tattoo artists on the Gold Coast richly rewards you with the right one. Contact us at Gold Coast tattoo artists to know more about us.

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