Mental health tips for good feeling

This year the focus of attention focuses on the management of global human and financial resources, which are unfortunately inadequate, especially in low and middle income countries. Hence, the need to plan greater investments in this field and improve existing services, making them accessible to an ever wider segment of the population.

But what is meant by ” but is described as a state of well-being, which is determined when we are able to express our potential, when we feel able to face normal difficulties of life, when we can work productively and when we contribute to the good of our community.

Mental health and psychological well-being, therefore, are not abstract concepts, but they concern our families, schools and workplaces closely. Like physical health, mental health is also determined by a set of social, psychological and biological factors and it is important to safeguard it at every stage of existence. Everyone should pay more attention to this issue, every citizen, every politician, every institution.

In fact, maintaining mental health is not always easy. The worries and anxieties related to the economic crisis, the pressures due to personal, family or work problems, can seriously compromise an individual’s mental and physical health, in terms of mood, relationships and general functioning.

In these cases it is essential to resort to the help of a professional. Mental disorders are frequent, but today we have many safe and effective treatments available to fight them and to get back in shape.

How do you maintain good mental health? Years of research and studies in this field clearly demonstrate that it is possible to enhance and maintain one’s psychological well-being, even in critical situations, and, to achieve this very important goal, the experts suggest 10 tools of proven effectiveness, essential for being able to live better the life.

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