Qualities of a good barber in Brisbane

Men in Brisbane that had great experiences with a good barber, Brisbane will likely go back time and time again. However, finding a great barber, Brisbane is often a challenging task. And, if ever one is found, chances are the barber is often booked up.

Yet, trying out various barbers is the way other men discover their preferred barber. The qualities of a good barber include:

Cutting men’s hair is the barber’s expertise

Many men nowadays have their hair cut in unisex chain salons. However, it has been seen that men having a haircut in salons either end up with a crappy haircut or hair growing out into a horrible shape after the first week.

This is because salon stylists are not trained as barbers. They are trained to handle women’s hair. The difference between a salon stylist and a barber also spells the difference between a great haircut and a crappy one.

Clippers are the main tool barbers use in cutting men’s hair. They are trained to use clippers compared to salon stylists that are trained to use scissors. Cutting hair using scissors works for women’s hair.

A bad haircut is usually the result when scissors are used to cut a man’s hair. A barber’s expert handling of clippers when giving a haircut to men provides the perfect cut for them.

Comfortable conversation

Men find it awkward to talk to a woman stylist during a haircut session. Most of the time, a man having a haircut in a salon feels out of place with the women chattering away around him.

A more interesting experience is in store for guys patronising a barber. The stories a barber tells are way interesting than women talk. Other than the barber, talking with other clients promote bonding with new friends. These clients often have interesting stories to tell, something a man can’t ever experience in a salon.

Men having their hair cut in a barbershop freely discuss topics about family, cars, politics, current events, and sports with their barbers. In a barbershop setting, every man is involved in whatever topic is introduced. Banter and jokes are freely exchanged between men waiting for their haircut and men getting their haircut.

Great shave experience

Single-blade razor shaves are still traditionally included by a barber after a haircut. The pleasure of having a great shave after a great haircut is an experience that should never be missed by any guy.

Reclining in a plush barber chair for a shave is a great end to the haircut session. A hot towel wrap around the face instantly soothes and relaxes. A good barber will always add a hot towel shave to a haircut at no extra charge.

Father and son bonding activity

Visiting a barber for a son’s first haircut establishes a great bonding time for both father and son. A barber visit is an old-school tradition that is great to start and maintain with every generation. A dad introducing his son/s to the same barber in Brisbane over the years practices great bonding memories for all of them.

A manly swagger happens to a man’s step after a sharp haircut is provided by an excellent barber. Barbers are considered experts when it comes to men’s hairstyles and haircuts.

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